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good cosmetic condition, perfect working condition
XLR connector, no cable included.
With case and info sheet, no manual or clip.
Polar Pattern Hypercardioid
Frequency Range 40 ... 18000
Sensitivity 1.3mV/Pa
Impedance 500 Ohms
Dimensions 56mm Head diameter x 180 mm
The beyerdynamic model M 500 is a true hypercardioid dynamic ribbon micro­phone with wide range response and high output, created especially for the most exacting professional use. Emphasizing a major technological breakthrough in ribbon design technique, the M 500 is particularly suited for high level sound applications. The unique beyerdynamic ribbon used in the M 500 measures only 0.85 inch in length, and weighs only 0.00034 grams. The transducer mass is, therefore, a mere fraction of that of the speech coil and diaphragm of a moving coil micro­phones, and this results in a demonstratively better transient response. An improved “no feedback” characteristic is also obtained. This is particularly important in commercial sound applications.
The M 500 print out shows the rising high frequency response so essential to modern music artists and others, the result of months of research and design innovation. In this respect, the M 500 is unlike the standard beyerdynamic ribbon, which is essentially flat in response. A new and unique four-stage integral blast filter permits hand-held use with lips almost touching the micro­phone without danger of popping, hissing, and breathing sounds.
The M 500 was primarily developed to cover the special needs of pop vocalists and instrumentalists, and records the true sound of the music in absolute fidelity. It combines the sharp attack of a condenser and the sturdy reliability of a moving coil with the unique presence of a ribbon. The M 500 is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use, will accept sound levels of more than 130 dB, and is completely unaffected by extremes of atmospheric conditions.

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