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The 4104 Commentators Noise Cancelling Ribbon Microphone is of British Broadcasting (BBC) design and used for reproducing high quality commentary speech from noisy surroundings by cancelling out a considerable degree of background noise.
The 4104 has a proven reliable performance capability, being since its introduction used by such broadcasting networks as the BBC, IBA, CBS and ABC. The 4104 is not unduly affected by wind noise and can be used in air stream velocities up to 20 mph (32 km) without notable difference in speech quality. With the use of a simple windshield attachment good quality speech reproduction can also be achieved in winds ranging up to 40 mph (64 km) or more. Importantly the polar response is effectively bi- directional allowing one or more commentators to make clear individual commentary close side by side without interference from mutual cross over talk. This microphone is generally regarded as the leader in its field. Wherever it is essential to single out a speaker's voice without transmitting background noise, this is the choice of buyers from all over the world. One example application is its use in sports reporting, selecting the spoken commentary and cutting out the roar of racing cars at Brands Hatch or the screams of the little old ladies in the ringside seats at wrestling contests. News reporters broadcasting eyewitness accounts of processions and street demonstrations have also depended on this type of microphone. Equally important is its application in noisy industrial environments; prompt information and explicit instruction may be matters of life and death in a shunting yard or rolling mill, and a noise-cancelling microphone of this quality is the most vital element in such communications.
    Better than 30 dB average discrimination between voice and background noise
    Provides speech of broadcast quality completely free from breath noises
    Flat frequency response at the controlled talking distance
    Corrugated aluminium ribbon protected by fine woven nylon gauze
    Low mass damped ribbon to control transient response
    Bi- directional
    60 Hz to 12,000 Hz
    All microphones factory tested in free field conditions
    Microphone Type: Pressure gradient transducer ribbon microphone
    Ribbon: Corrugated aluminium ribbon protected by fine woven nylon Gauze
    Polar response: Bi-directional
    Impedance: 300-ohm
    Frequency response: 60 Hz to 12,000 Hz
    Sensitivity: -50db W.R.T. IV/Pa
    Connector: XLR-pin 2 hot
    Dimensions: 8"(200 mm) x 2 1/4"(57 mm) x3"(76 mm)
    Weight: 10 oz. (283g)
    Finish: Body brown enamel paint with brown pvc covered handle
    Body housing: Brass perforated case with stainless steel nose and mouth screens, pvc covered handle. Designed to provide a natural holding position for long periods
    Hum rejection: Equivalent electro-magnetic hum pickup less than 0.0002 dynes/cm2 equivalent acoustic input for 1 milligauss at 50 Hz

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