English Microphones

The UK has a rich tradition of microphone manufacturing. Today only Coles is still in business and well known, but from the 1920s through the 1980s firms like Reslo, Grampian, STC, EMI and RSA produced many well regarded microphones, especially of the ribbon type. 

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    Once in a blue moon do we get our hands on one of these, and this one has just been serviced by the famous Peter Drefahl in Germany. Perfect working condition, ready to give some lucky buyer decades of incredible... Read more →

  • 'Baby U47' from Funkwerk Leipzig, the CM7156, a classic East German vintage tube mic

    Our featured mic today is an extremely rare vintage East German handcrafted multipattern tube condenser mic, the Funkwerk Leipzig CM7156. You hardly ever see these, and when you do they hardly ever work. This one does, however. It's been carefully gone through... Read more →