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Good cosmetic condition, perfect working condition

A great sounding ribbon mic that you can use with any preamp regardless of its gain.
The Woodpecker Active Ribbon Microphone from Blue is one of the most interesting and beautiful microphones you'll ever lay eyes or ears on. With a stunning exotic wood finish and unique active circuitry, beneath its gorgeous exterior, the Woodpecker is a precision-crafted recording tool. Combines the low noise and superb detail of Blue's renowned Class-A discrete handmade electronics with the bold sound of a hand-tuned aluminum ribbon pressure-gradient transducer.
The Woodpecker microphone was designed to provide the smooth, intimate sound associated with the most sought-after vintage ribbon microphones. With its focused mid-range, and outstanding bass response, the Woodpecker mic captures the essence of any recorded sound. It also excels at ambient recording and capturing room tone with the most intimate detail - whether for rock drums, guitars or vocals - any application where some natural space in the recording is desired.
Usually, ribbon mics require preamps with at least 60-70dB of gain. Not so with the Woodpecker. Its active design allows you to use it with any preamp, so you don't have to replace yours in order to have the acknowledged musicality of a ribbon transducer.
The Woodpecker microphone package includes a custom made, solid brass shockmount and wood storage box.
Record with the inherent musicality of ribbon mics as only Blue Microphones can deliver.

    Acoustical Operating Principal: Pressure Gradient
    Directional Pattern: figure 8, bidirectional
    Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
    Sensitivity (1kHz into 2.5k ohm): 26mV/Pa
    Rated Impedance: 50 ohm
    Rated Load Impedance: Not less than 1k ohm
    Noise Level A-weighted (IEC 651): Not more than 22dB
    Max Output (1% THD into 2.5k ohm): 10dBU = 2.5V
    Max SPL (0.5% THD into 2.5k ohm): 136dB
    Dynamic Range (2.5k ohm load): 114dB
    Supply Voltage (IEC 268-15): +48V phantom power (+35V min.)
    Current Draw (typical ai +48V): 2.4mA
    Weight: 1.6lbs

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