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very good condition, works and sounds great, frequency response 15 - 18,000 Hz!
no clip, pouch or cable
The M380 is a moving-coil dynamic microphone with a bidirectional (figure 8) polar pattern. The capsule is adapted from the driver of one of Beyerdynamic’s headphone lines, reportedly the DT770/990.
The capsule is fitted with a humbucking coil. No output transformer is used.
The mic’s housing is robust diecast zinc.
The microphone exhibits a strong proximity effect. At 1m, the response is -10dB at 20 Hz. At 2cm, the response is +14dB at 20 Hz.
Steve Albini lists the M380 as one of his favorite mics for bass cab and kick drum.
Rugged construction
XLR connector, no cable, case or manual included

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