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This vintage Electro-Voice PL6 dynamic microphone looks good and works perfectly
no case, clip, cable or manual
XLR connector
From the original manufacturer's description:
The Electro-Voice Model PL6 is a rugged, supercardioid, dynamic microphone designed to provide reliable service in the many situations that directional microphones are required.
Frequency response
Nearly all directional microphones exhibit proximity effect (a boost in low frequency response) when used close to a sound source. The PL6 does not because it utilizes the Electro-Voice patented Variable-D principle. Therefore the PL6 will more accurately respond in those situations that demand the talker, singer or instrument be close to the microphone. The principle underlying “close miking” is that the sound pressure level at the microphone increases 6 dB each time the distance from the sound source is halved. Obviously the output level of the microphone then increases proportionately resulting in a louder sound system or better signal to noise on a recording. “Close miking” can also reduce the often undesirable effects of reverberation as well as provide an increased separation among competing sounds.
As a super-cardioid the PL6 provides maximum rejection at 150° rather than the 180° of a cardioid. This assures greatest rejection in the horizontal plane when the microphone is tilted to its most natural position, 30° from the horizontal (on a desk or floor stand). The polar response (sound source at varying angles to the microphone diaphragm) is exceptionally uniform with little or no off axis coloration. This is important because it means the microphone’s response in actual use will closely parallel the anechoic on-axis curve. Many cardioids have good on axis response, but radically different response at other angles meaning the microphone’s published curve (undoubtedly on axis, anechoic) is of little practical use.
The PL6 uses the mechanical nesting concept of design providing a nearly solid mechanical structure that is highly resistant to damage from shock. The exclusive non-metallic Electro-Voice Acoustalloy® diaphragm is virtually unaffected by extremes of atmospheric conditions. The case is made of pressure cast zinc with copper, nickel and chrome plating.
    Element: Dynamic
    Frequency Response: 90 to 13,000 Hz
    Polar Pattern: Super Cardioid
    Impedance: 150 ohms
    Diaphragm: Electro-Voice Acoustalloy®
    Case Material: Pressure cast zinc
    Dimensions: 165.1 mm (6.5 in) x 38.1 mm (1.5 in) maximum, tapered shank

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