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very good cosmetic condition, perfect working condition
Light cosmetic wear.
original connector, XLR adapter cable included
built-in swivel mount, threaded base to attach to stand

no case or manual.

The Model 315 is a compact and rugged ribbon microphone combining wide range response and a bidirectional pickup pattern. The bidirectional pattern reduces noise and reverberation providing the same control as an equivalent cardioid microphone. The 315 and is ideal for high-quality public address, theater stage sound systems, and recording applications. Due to the bidirectional polar pattern, it may be used for either single performer, a dialogue or group, solo or orchestra, and other individual or chorus applications.

Microphone Features

    Wide-range front and rear response

    Bidirectional polar pattern, effective over wide frequency range

    Convenient impedance selection

    A strong detachable cable especially selected for good shielding from “hum” pickup

    A self-adjusting swivel permits aiming microphone at source of sound

    Rugged mechanical design with special ribbon protection

The Model 315 is multi-impedance for connecting into microphone inputs rated at 25 to 50 ohms, 150 to 250 ohms, or into high impedance microphone inputs. The low impedances are recommended where long cable lengths are required or under conditions of severe hum disturbance. The permissible cable length is practically unlimited, since neither response nor level is appreciably affected. For use with high impedance amplifiers, the Shure Model A95UF Line Matching Transformer is used for coupling the low impedance line to the amplifier input.

Impedance Selection
Selection of the various impedances is accomplished by removing a plate and changing the position of the switch at the rear of the microphone. The switch positions are marked “L” for low impedance (25-50 ohms), “M” for medium impedance (150-250 ohms), and “H” for high impedance (35,000 ohms).

    Frequency response: 50 to 12,000 Hz

    Polar Pattern: Bidirectional, equally sensitive at front and back. Response at sides down 15 to 20 dB from front and rear responses

    Case: Chrome-plated die cast

    Net Weight: 1 pound

    Introduced: 1952

    Discontinued: 1977

Microphone Features

Frequency Response 30 to 15,000 Hz

Unusually effective supercardioid pickup characteristic minimizes effects of studio acoustics and      background noise

Warm, smooth sound from wide frequency response range. Well suited to both voice and music

Built-in shock mount for quiet operation

Rugged mechanical design and internal ribbon protection for reliable performance, under rigorous operating conditions

Instant switchable choice of three impedances

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